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Our policies of variability will help to achieve work / life balance.
We admit the need to balance the responsibilities of work and life is important for all our employees. Work and life balance issues means variable for different people; may care obligations, sports or study, volunteer opportunities and travel efforts, or other commitments and ambitions.

Our options variability and tools help our stuff to manage their careers with their life situations particular, commitments and aspirations

A world of opportunities

If you are looking for a world of opportunity, you will get here. We are a part of a global network. Our scope and breadth show we can offer opportunities in various sectors such as finance, human resources, legal, market research, sales and IT. Join us and you'll have access to a wide range of opportunities, both locally and globally.

Employee benefits

When you join us you can seek a rewarding career came with possibilities, great colleagues and a competitive salary, and not much else. Our employee benefits package is impressive to inform the minimum, and is as follows:

- Clothing subsidy business

- Health Insurance

- Superannuation Scheme

- Travel and holiday discounts

- Employee Assistance Program

- Provisions leave generous and flexible

- Long compensation recognition loyalty

- Annual Volunteer Day


We realize the choices are important. We encourage all employees to use their potential and to admit that each individual is in the way they choose to do so. Some people want a career choice and advancement opportunities. Others want a choice of when and where they do their work. Whatever you want to get from your job, whether it's obligations in part-time local or broader career opportunities, we have options and choices for you.

Flexibility, making choices work

We strive to create an environment that allows the whole person and supports the mode you want to approach the work, and life outside-work. Using initiatives such as our flexibility and leave policies and work-life Links we will help you make your choices and obligations of work. Work / Life Links is a free service for staff that helps to balance the obligations of work and life by providing you with knowledge about treatment options dependents, including children and the elderly, handicapped assistance and care of animals. It also provides information on health services and lifestyle.


We are committed to attracting and retaining the best employees - and giving them for their excellent results. We offer pay packages Democrats and a variety of great prizes.

Realising your strives

Assume educated and sustain as directing their aspirations into reality. We take a friendly approach to your career. We invite you to take possession of your endeavors and in return we will provide you with opportunities for expansion, externalize, grow and maximize your potential. From the moment you begin to cooperate with us, we are committed to the continuous study and development. You will acquire new skills and build your knowledge and ability to set you up for success in your work.

With approximately 9,000 employees we are one of the largest organizations in the Philippines and expanded part of a company with international destination. This means that we are able to offer opportunities in various sectors such as finance, legal, sales, marketing, information technology, as well as in different areas of the world.

Our range of operations means that you can specialize in a particular area, or move the company to achieve your career goals and continue your education.

Graduate Programme

Each year graduates may present to be part of our global program Graduate. We hire the best graduates of the Philippines, which we develop in the future of our organization locomotives. We seek diversity of backgrounds and knowledge of our graduates, and we present an equally diverse range of opportunities. Entering a global organization also provides future opportunities around the world.

We also have a program Graduate Rural targeted. This program identifies and upbrings best graduates of the rural Philippines, providing exciting and challenging roles of our rural banking.

Our degree programs are professionally processed and delivered. The best candidates will receive intensive skills and knowledge development, initiation to senior management through mentoring and coaching, as well as great career advantages.

Employee profiles

Find out what our people say about us.

Our culture and values

Our wideness and diversity is reflected in our people. We hire around 9,000 people right around Philippines. They come from a wide range of knowledge , skills and specialisations and we estimate the richness that diversity brings to our business.

Valuing our people

As one of the largest employers in the Philippines, we understand that our people promote our success. So we do our best to make our organization a place where every one of our people is valued for their contribution and are supported in achieving their individual goals.

Celebrating difference

It could be one of 9,000 employees, but for us you are unique. Recognize and celebrate the manifold of our people helps us to deliver even better service to our customers.

We must build a culture of creative and inclusive in which they estimated the ideas, beliefs, attitudes and skills of all our people. We admit that the work is only a part of people's lives, and we encourage our people to bring all of themselves to work. Currently we are focusing on:

Respecting and connecting with the community

Celebrate the differences, which allows us to connect with our customers easier and more experienced. For example, we support the establishment of network groups to allow people of similar interests, backgrounds and ideas to meet.

Diversity in leadership

Establish innovative leadership teams that succeed through the diversity of thought and reflect the multitude of our people. For example, we are working hard on initiatives to build-up various leaders.

Leading and inspiring

Great leaders and the leadership of the foreground are part of the way we do things around here. We want our staff to be inspired and administered effectively. As one of the leading financial Philippines we focus on excellence leadership at all levels of the organization, and support our leader in creating high-performance control.

Our leaders know what is expected of them. A curriculum learning universal guide and our programs to make sure we are growing talents of leadership and support the leaders of the future. We cooperate with international organizations on our leadership programs and work closely with the brands GIB to advance our global strategy leadership skills.

Great companies are made by great people. We want people to join our organization because they are stimulated by the quality of our leaders.

Taking our responsibilities seriously

As Philippines's largest financial services group, we take our responsibilities very seriously. Our aim is to help Philippines and Philippiners to get the prosperity.

Different personalities, shared values

Just as we have variety in our brands and companies, we admit a different feeling towards our organization. Each area has its own unique personality, while working in a framework of business goals and shared values. Although we are a team of different brands, our shared values unite us. Our goals are brainstorming for our decisions and interactions with each other.

Doing the right things well:

- Integrity - 'Do what is right'
- Collaboration - 'Work as one'
- Accountability - 'Own your actions'
- Respect - 'Value every voice'
- Excellence - 'Be your best'

An prominent environment

Wherever you work within the organization you will see a top end on excellence, high performance, fit the needs of our customers and make a difference in our communities. Cooperation, innovation and the ability to adapt to the needs variating are important for our future benefits. We trust the difference is in our people - to be aware that they are confident, competent, empowered and engaged.

Working for one of our brands will find a sphere of work powerful and positive where you will be inspired, challenged, and supported as part of a command friendly and talented.

Careers with us

At GIB we provide a diverse variety of full-time and part-time opportunities.

Our obligations to hire and retain the best talent expands in every part of the organization. We realize that the skills and experience come many forms and with passion to research and the interest and applications from all sectors and the wider community.

Graduate programme

Generalist Bankers Program

Summer Intern Program

GIB Graduate Program