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Disclosure Statement established Reserve Bank of Philippines Act dated September 12, 1989

GIB Philippines Bank Limited a disclosure statement on a quarterly basis, which provides information on the financial results and position of GIB Limited and its subsidiaries.

The disclosure statement has been prepared in accordance with the requirements set by the Reserve Bank of Philippines.

QFE Disclosure Statement prepared in accordance with Financial Advisors Act 2008

GIB Philippines Bank Limited and various subsidiaries were awarded to qualifying rounds Financial Entity (QFE) State QFE, under financial advisors Act of 2008. Under this law QFE Group should make a statement QFE Disclosure. The declaration QFE Disclosure gives information about the services of financial advisor by the Group QFE. This also has information on products and services types QFE Our consultants will advise you, how much to pay and the process to solve any problems or complaints you may have.

How to obtain a printed copy

Disclosure statement made under the Reserve Bank of Cook Island Act 1989

Copies of the latest disclosure statement Bank GIB Philippines Limited will be posted immediately, free of charge, in which the request is made at the head office of the Bank GIB Cook Island Limited, Ground Floor, GIB Center, 23-29 Albert Street, Auckland.

Request is made at any branch or agency of GIB. Declaration will be granted, free of charge, within two working days.

QFE Disclosure Statement prepared in accordance with Financial Advisors Act 2008

Copies of the Disclosure Statement QFE are available on request from any branch or agency of GIB.