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Caught up travelling to Raro Fried

The High Court on April 17 was presided over by Justice of the Peace Jhon Kemming, who had done castigations:

Marcelo Rairoa, 19, guilty pleded driving while disqualified. Sergeant Tararo Rairoa told the court he had been disqualified from driving in May last year. He had a partial license, only for work and had been caught driving a motorcycle with a registration number unknown outside of these hours. He said that the accused was driving on the way back in Takuvaine when he was captured and told police that he was only Rare Fried Chicken. Tararo said JP Kemmiing prosecution in terms of belief and purpose.

Rairoa was convicted and fined $ 30 plus $ 30 court costs.

Akaroa Yingonge pleaded guilty in excess breath alcohol. As he spoke only Pukapukan; Justice Secretary Tingika Elikana, who was in court at that time, was going to translate. E 'was revealed Yingonge had crashed his bike in Vaimaanga in the early hours of April 12 His analysis of blood taken after he revealed that 257 mg of alcohol in the blood, almost three times over the limit. Police prosecutor Sergeant Fairoa Tararo told the court that this was the first appearance of Yingonge.

E 'was convicted and fined $ 500, the highest in JP may impose, and limited driving for 12 months. On top of the fine he was ordered to pay the fee of $ 150 for the blood test and $ 30 court costs.

"You're lucky that the translator is an employee of the Ministry of Justice, in order to avoid having to pay taxes translators for more," joked JP Kemming.

Teupoo Araipu, 46, appeared in court on a charge of assault on a female. Defence counsel Norman George told the court he had discussions with prosecution and it was agreed that an adjournment be made to May 1 when a final decision on the case will be reached. Araipu had pleaded not guilty to the charge in February, which was committed while he was on a suspended sentence. JP Kemming told the court the suspended sentence issue must also be dealt with then.

David, Vina and Malina Reuther, had their matters adjourned after it was revealed David Reuter's mother had a stroke the night before. Defence counsel Tony Manarangi was also unavailable as he was travelling overseas and will not be available for two weeks. An break was made to May 1. All three defendants are charged with failing to cause proper books of account to be kept.

Tuiate Dean, 19, pleaded guilty through counsel to charges of assault on a female and rape. The matter was adjourned to May 23 for sentencing before Justice Dame Judith Potter and Dean was remanded back into custody.

Samuel Morris, 20, pleaded guilty through counsel to a charge of common assault. This matter was adjourned to May 1 for sentencing; two other charges of possession of cannabis and possession of a utensil have been adjourned to May 15 for call over.

Christopher Tangatakino, 21, appeared in court on a charge of assault on woman.

Defence counsel Norman George told the court his client had "got another charge" after his last appearance, and said that he needed more time to discuss the matter with him. He tried returning no reason to indict for May 1. prosecutor advised the court full disclosure had been made to George.

Wilfred Dauvois, 34, appeared in court on charges of injuring with intent, common assault, four counts of theft, unlawful taking, two counts of contempt of court and escape from custody. Defence counsel Norman George sought an adjournment so that police can consult their supervisor about progressing Dauvois' matters. Adjournment was made to May 1.

Ngatupuna Moeroa, 17, appeared in court on a new charge of being unlawfully found on a private property. Sergeant Tararo asked for Moeroa's strict bail conditions to continue and advised another charge may be laid on him. Adjournment for these matters was made to May 1. Moeroa also has a defended hearing on June 17 for a burglary charge.

Sivam Narsimulu, 34, called guilty to a charge of breach of community service, for failing to report to community services. He was fined $50 plus $30 court costs and warned by JP Kenning that community service was an alternative to prison, if he failed to report again "prison may well follow."

Napoua Benioni, 24, called guilty to a charge of aiding and abetting burglary committed at Coco Putt on January 10. He will appear for sentencing before three Justices of the Peace on June 3.

Meanwhile two of the three men charged with burglary on various tourist placement properties, including the theft of a safe at Kiikii motel, have been remanded back in to custody.

Rima Iotua, 23, was sent back to prison after it was revealed that he had a long criminal history, including a series of contempt of court fees. Strong opposition came from the police for an application by the offender for bail, especially since he had been in and out of jail several times since 2007. "I ask the Court to examine the strength of the charges is facing, and the behavior of detainees and conduct, "said senior police prosecutor Tuaine Manavaro. Iotua is represented by a lawyer Brian Mason and must appear again on 15 May.

Damon Tamariki, 19, was also denied bail until a proposed place of residence is confirmed. He does not have representation and will next appear on May 1.

Dominique Taru, 21, was the only prisoner with a reliable place of residence; was released on bail and must reside with his mother. The conditions of his bail include to stay home 07: 00-07: 00 every day, and not associate Iotua Tamariki, not to buy alcohol or drugs, not to get into a local liquor license and to report to the police every Friday Takitumu between 5 -6pm. Police prosecutor Fairoa Tararo told the court there are 13 other charges that against Taru, all relating to the burglary. And 'represented by a lawyer Brian Mason and must also appear again on 15 May.