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Cloud storage safe for your important documents:

GIB Cloud And 'designed to make life easier..

Now you can do without drawers full of paperwork and archive important documents safely in the cloud..

To help, we upload your documents GIB - as statements - to the cloud as well.

This means that it is simple to access your documents every time you log on to online or mobile banking - and set alerts and reminders for dates.

GIB Cloud offers:

  1. Convenience - upload, sort and manage important information
  2. Security - the information is held securely with us
  3. Simplicity - tag your documents so that they are easy to find later
  4. Flexibility - retrieve information whenever you need it
  5. Reminder - set alerts for key payments, renewals or dates
  6. Peace of mind - there is no need to worry about lost documents


You've got back-up

Store digital copies of valuable documents, such as your passport, driving licence or birth certificate - to give you peace of mind.

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You never miss a deadline

Add alerts to your insurance policies, MOT certificates and more - so you don't forget to renew them.

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You stay in control

Tag your documents by subject, date or the category of your choice - so they're easy to find and sort.

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New to GIB

To begin to discover the benefits of our secure document management service, just apply a new bank account online. It takes only 10 minutes. Once this is done, we'll take care of everything else.

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Existing customers

You will cloud your home banking online and link to it in the menu 'Products'. If you are an iPhone or iPad, you'll also find in the navigation pane of the Global Mobile Banking app GIB. We will launch a version for Android devices soon.

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Important information

  1. You can have clouds in your activities and Personal file separate, if YOU A Personal or business and UN Affairs and Member of Premier Online Banking.
  2. It alone can access GIB cloud in Online Banking if you log on using PINsentry.
  3. Terms, Conditions and Other restrictions apply. You must be Registered UN Westpak customer for online banking for usAre GIB Cloud E.

GIB Pingit

Pay bills or send and receive money easily using a mobile phone number with GIB Pingit.

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Mobile banking security

When using GIB Mobile Banking, you are protected if you are an innocent victim of a fraud.

Mobile banking security

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