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You may be aware of recent news related to malicious software - or 'malware' - that has infected about 15,000 computers in the Philippines.

What is it?

This software has infected computers through a 'phishing scam' - where you receive an email that looks like it's from a company official, such as a bank. But this is a false email and actually contains malware which then download to your computer.

This malware is active on your computer until it finds an opportunity to steal your personal information - for example, when you enter the password for online banking. It then sends this information to people who may try to use this data to access your bank account.

This software can also infect your computer with another piece of malware called 'CryptoLocker' which prevents you from accessing important files. Often, someone then asks for a ransom to release them back to you - usually about $ 300.

How do I protect my computer?

This particular malware only affects users running Microsoft Windows. If you use Windows on your computer, you should do the following things to make sure you're protected:

Install anti-virus software - if you are enrolled in GIB Online Banking, you can download the free software Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Update your system to the latest version of Windows

Change passwords - in case

Remember, it is important not to click on links or open attachments in e-mail that you do not expect.

You can find more information on how to stay safe online from Get Safe Online (link opens in a new window) website.

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