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Multi currency banking

Whatever your international needs, make sure your money is working hard for you.

From operations every day for foreign exchange transfer large, we can help with our range of accounts and services in foreign currency.

Day-to-day banking

If you're living, working or travelling abroad, you may need to carry out day-to-day banking transactions in multiple currencies.

Using your regular account can be inflexible and expensive to find the right solution for convenience and easy access to money is the key.

A few things to consider

How we can help

Opening a currency account
If you are abroad, often, you might want to open an account in the local currency - but in some countries this may be difficult if you are not a resident or speak the local language. We can set the international current accounts in Sterling, Euros or US dollar before moving so you can access your money easily.
Access to your money
Choose an account that is easy to access and manage from anywhere you are - both for checking balances or make payments. All of our accounts provide all the access clock for your money with Internet Banking and 24/7 PhoneBank with consultants English.
Withdrawing money
Withdraw cash from ATMs in a local currency other for the debit card can support costs of converting currency. Our current account offers international Visa debit cards in sterling, euro and US dollar in order to avoid exchange fees when withdrawing in these currencies.
Make international payments
Transfer money internationally generally subject to costs and be subject to fluctuations in exchange rates. Do you charge to make international transfers and our commission free foreign exchange services could help manage currency fluctuations.

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